This is how it works, and how it works to your benefit!

SANUSLIFE® INTERNATIONAL has a large database of customers, referrers and potential clients. For a small membership fee, as an entrepreneur you will have access to an extensive network that is in rapid growth worldwide. That’s not surprising, because our platform offers numerous benefits that each User can obtain simply with free registration.

When you enter your products in our „SANUSSTORE“ online shop, we put them online. Right after that they are seen by thousands of Users who buy them immediately or recommend them to others. In fact, for successful direct and indirect referrals, referrers are remunerated by SANUSLIFE® INTERNATIONAL with commissions paid in Euros. Don’t wait - today you and your company can be part of the powerful referral marketing business.

An integrated discount and reward system is the driving force within the shopping community. This takes place using SANUSCREDITS, which you can easily accumulate and then redeem in the form of discounts on purchases. This automatically makes the products cheaper and more interesting. Your profit as a partner company always remains the same though, since the price is calculated based on the assigned margin.

An intelligent shipping cost pool ensures that the delivery expenses incurred by the customer are always kept at the lowest limit, or even dispensed with entirely. It’s not magic, or some arbitrary system, but a complex and clearly thought-out concept based on an intelligent mixed calculation. As a partner company, you will always be paid in full by SANUSLIFE® INTERNATIONAL for the shipping costs incurred.

As a private individual, you, too, have the opportunity to register with SANUSBUSINESS register as a Member. You can then actively invite customers, friends, acquaintances and other companies to the SANUSLIFE® platform. This will also allow you to participate in the direct and indirect sales concluded regionally and internationally, regardless of whether they involve your own products or those of other companies.

SANUSLIFE® INTERNATIONAL offers a fair and perfectly thought-out remuneration concept to reward all referrers, whether natural or legal persons, regionally or internationally, in the SANUSBUSINESS area.

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Referral marketing: the trend of the future

The percentage of successfully concluded sales is far greater in referral marketing than in traditional distribution. Because referrers are given the benefit of the doubt, arouse curiosity, and nourish the urge to shop. As a result, customers’ resistance to buying is reduced significantly, and they find it easy to say ”yes”. With SANUSLIFE® INTERNATIONAL you get – virtually with one click – access to this brilliant distribution concept!

Experience meets expertise

We at SANUSLIFE® INTERNATIONAL have been dealing in referral marketing for over 10 years. Starting from the very bottom, we have learned our profession from scratch. We have carefully examined a number of remuneration models. We have tested and developed them further. The result is a remuneration plan made by SANUSLIFE® INTERNATIONAL, matured through years of experience, tailored to the needs and demands of today's society. Dynamism, fairness and generosity form the foundation of this unique remuneration plan which ushers in a new era… in every respect.

With SANUSCOMPANIES, we let you partake in the many advantages of this new marketing concept. You can “connect” your business directly to our referral software.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Acquisition of a turnkey marketing concept
  • Access to a network of existing and potential customers, as well as referrers
  • Massive increase in visibility
  • High sales potential
  • No development costs
  • No risks

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